What Is Biohacking? How to Optimize Your Body With Science

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Biohacking is an excellent way for you to improve your health and overall well-being. However, not many people know how it works or even what it is. Let’s get you started on what biohacking is and how it helps you optimize your body.

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In This Article:

  1. What Is Biohacking? 
  2. Different Types of Biohacking
  3. Biohacking Your Body 


What Is Biohacking and What Can It Do for You?

What Is Biohacking? 

Citizen, or do-it-yourself biology, is how biohacking is portrayed. Making minor, gradual nutritional or behavioral improvements to boost your health and well-being is what many “biohackers” do. Biohacking can do anything from helping you to lose weight to enhance your brain functionality. However, the best biohacking effects come from knowing what works on the body and being careful about what doesn’t.

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Different Types of Biohacking 

getting-IV-nutrition-Orange-fruit-connected-to-IV-drip-into-arm----------DIY-biology | What Is Biohacking? How to Optimize Your Body With Science | Different Types of Biohacking

There are many different types of biohacking, but the three most common types of biohacking are DIY biology, nutrigenomics, and grinder.  

DIY biology (or DIY bio) is a form of biohacking led by people with science backgrounds and experience. And these biohackers share their own experiences, tips, tricks, and techniques to help non-experts who choose to perform organized tests on themselves outside a controlled environment such as medical offices or labs. 

Nutrigenomics mainly focuses on the food you consume interacting with your genes. Though controversial, this popular type of biohacking is created based on the idea that your body’s entire genetic expression can be manipulated through testing how each nutrient affects your health over time. In addition, it also studies how different nutrients affect your mood, thought, and behavior.

Grinder is a biohacking subculture that believes that every aspect of the human body can be exploited. Grinders, in general, strive to become “cyborgs” by enhancing their bodies with a variety of devices, chemical injections, implants, and anything else to make them function the way they like.

The-woman-shows-his-neck-with-a-chip-implanted-----------GRINDER | What Is Biohacking? How to Optimize Your Body With Science | Elimination Diet


Biohacking Your Body 

There are many types of biohacking, you’re sure to find the perfect one suitable for your goal.


Elimination Diet

biohacking-man-having-breakfast-by-the-table-looking-at-smartphone-taking-vegetables | What Is Biohacking? How to Optimize Your Body With Science | Feature

Whether you have food allergies, have difficulty digesting meals, have skin problems like eczema or acne, or are constantly tired, it’s definitely time to biohack yourself for an elimination diet.

This is a short-term eating plan to figure out if the food you’re consuming is causing you any trouble or potential diseases. According to the study, this is an effective method for you to mark the trigger food you can avoid. 

What is a biohacking tip: For three to four weeks, you exclude food causing you inflammation or allergy out of your diet and give your body a “clean slate.” Gluten, soy, beef, peanuts, and corn should all be avoided during this time. Then slowly add more food to your diet and pay close attention to how you feel and how it affects your body.


Intermittent Fasting 

Watching what you put into your body is undoubtedly a vital part of your biohacking process, but WHEN to eat is also crucial. Research shows that eating at certain times can create a huge difference. It will not help you to lose weight but also gain energy and build muscle. 

As you undergo the fasting process, you need to divide your body into two different states, including “Fast” and Fed.” 

During the fed state, you digest and absorb food and nutrients into your body, usually lasting about three to five hours after eating. As you’re in the fed stage, the insulin levels are higher, and your body mainly focuses on digestion. 

During the fast state, you’re not allowed to eat anything aside from drinking water.

You’ll soon see the benefits of fasting as research found that this increases your levels of growth hormones as much as five times than average, boosting your metabolism. Fasting also reduces insulin resistance, lowering your blood sugar and making stored fat burn more easily. 

What is a biohacking tip: you should start off easy by fasting for about 14 hours, meaning you will be eating from 11 a.m to 8 p.m. 


Sleep More 

People tend to take sleeping for granted, but sleep deprivation can put you at risk of various health problems, from liver disease, heart problems, depression, anxiety, a weakened immune system, unbalanced hormones, and many more. In fact, a study found that sleep deprivation has severe short and long-term health implications.

What is a biohacking tip: Make sure to get enough sleep; healthcare professionals recommend at least 8 hours of sleep per night. If you have trouble sleeping, you might need to get some help with yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, essential oils, or ask your doctor for advice. 



Meditation has been shown in studies to have several effects, ranging from pain relief and improved sleep quality to reduced inflammation and increased efficiency. Meditation can also be a very powerful means of naturally coping with depression or anxiety. 

What is a biohacking tip: A quick short meditation session every night before going to bed can improve your sleep quality and help you drift off to sleep easier


Stand Up More

Most of us spend our days going from sitting at our desks to sitting in the car to sitting somewhere else. If you notice, we spend a large portion of our life just sitting from one place to another. Sitting for a long time can obstruct your blood circulation leading to diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases

What is a biohacking tip: Set a reminder on your phone for every 60 to 90 minutes to get up and take a quick lap around the office or home. 

These are only the biohacking basics; now that you have a general idea about biohacking, the only left for you to do is try it out for you is to try them out yourself. However, before going any further, you should ask yourself which kind of biohacking you prefer and what your goal is. 


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