5 Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Weakened Immune System & How What To Do About It

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Have you been feeling under the weather for a long time? Or do you often get sick with a cold? If you feel so, the chances are that your immune system is not in good working order. But how can you tell if your immune system is underperforming? It’s essential to know the signs of a weakened immune system and what you can do to keep it as healthy as possible.

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In This Article:

  1. Always Tired
  2. Wounds Take Longer to Heal
  3. Digestive Problems
  4. High-Stress Levels
  5. Frequent Colds


Signs Of A Weakened Immune System

1. Always Tired

It’s normal to feel tired after burning the midnight oil or having a hard day at work. Adequate rest may help recharge your battery and keep you refreshed to bring your A-game the next day. But suppose you still feel fatigued or low on energy after one or two good nights of sleep. In that case, your body is probably trying to tell you something: you could have a weakened immune system. When your immune system is not in good shape, your energy levels also suffer.


2. Wounds Take Longer to Heal

Minor injuries, such as burns, cuts, scratches, and punctures, should recover in approximately five days. However, if your wounds take substantially longer to heal, your immune system may be compromised.

The immune system plays a pivotal part in the recovery of skin wounds. But if your immune system is weakened, the flow of nutrient-rich blood to the wound may stagnate or postpone. This may impede the skin generation process, and you’ll have a hard time healing.


3. Digestive Problems

Suppose you have diarrhea lasting for longer than 2-4 weeks or frequent constipation. In that case, it is likely your immune system is not functioning correctly. This is due to the fact that your intestinal microorganisms play a significant part in controlling your total immunological balance. The beneficial bacteria and microbes dwelling in your tummy protect you from illness and give your immune system a boost. Low levels of these gut microorganisms might put you at risk of having a weak immune system.


4. High-Stress Levels

The woman has a weakened immune system Because of High-stress level_Body3 .jpg

Is it any surprise, then, if you become ill due to a significant project or an unexpected financial loss? The more stressors you have in your life, the more likely you are to have a weakened immune system. This has also been proved in the American Psychological Association report that long-term stress decreases immune system responses.


5. Frequent Colds

Adults should expect two to three colds or infections each year, with a seven to ten-day recovery period. But those in a weakened immune state will have more than that and a slow recovery.


Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System

Consume More Fermented Food and Whole Plant Food

Vitamin C may help to improve gut health by supporting healthy gut bacteria_Body 4

Probiotics in fermented food assist in keeping harmful germs from entering the body through the stomach. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients like vitamin C, which may help to minimize the duration and frequency of the common cold and other diseases. Plant foods rich in fiber improve gut health by supporting healthy gut bacteria.

Take Peptides and Science-Backed Supplements

The peptide Thymosin Alpha 1 plays an essential function in the regulation of T cells, which are essential to your immunological response. Fisetin, quercetin, and curcumin have been recognized as some of the more essential senolytics which go hand in hand with immune health.

Shop Supplements and Peptides for Immune Health


Get Adequate Sleep and Hydration

The immune system requires sleep to function correctly. Getting enough good sleep allows for a well-balanced immune response that includes both innate and adaptive immunity. Getting enough sleep also improves mood and reduces stress. Adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep every day on average.

Our immune system is largely reliant on nutrients in our bloodstream, which is primarily made up of water! Drinking lots of water keeps the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart, and other organ systems functioning properly. Fluids also contribute to maintaining healthy skin.


Take Regular Exercise

A Couple is practicing physical exercise to boost the immune system_Body 5

The practice of physical exercise regulates the immune system. In studies, people who engage in regular physical exercise had a decreased frequency of viral infections and a lower intensity of symptoms and mortality. Three hours of moderate exercise each week is enough to boost immunity if you have a hectic schedule. Brisk walking, yoga, dance, swimming, sports, hiking, or running can all be part of a weekly fitness routine.

The immune system is clearly vital for survival. It defends your body from potentially dangerous chemicals, infections, and cell alterations. That’s why you should do everything you can to protect it.


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