6 Ways To Avoid Thyroid Disease

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Thyroid disease can lead to a higher risk of various medical conditions, including cancer if left untreated. That’s why knowing how you can prevent thyroid disease is essential. Check out these top 6 ways to avoid thyroid disease. 



In This Article:

  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Cut Back on Soy
  3. Watch out for Perchlorates
  4. Ask for a Thyroid Collar for X-Rays
  5. Have Regular Check-Ups
  6. Get Help from Supplement


Thyroid Disease and How to Prevent It 

According to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), more than 12% of Americans will have a thyroid problem at some point in their life. According to the ATA, around 20 million Americans have thyroid illness, yet up to 60 percent are unaware of it.

Thyroid disease is a general term for a medical problem that prevents your thyroid from producing the appropriate quantity of hormones. Normally, your thyroid produces hormones that keep your body running smoothly. Hyperthyroidism is one of the most common thyroid diseases, in which the thyroid overproduces thyroid hormone, causing your body to use energy too rapidly, resulting in tiredness.


1. Quit Smoking

Quit-Smoking-ss-body | # Ways To Avoid Thyroid Disease

Toxins in cigarette smoke can harm your thyroid. Thiocyanate, in particular, interferes with iodine absorption, which can inhibit thyroid hormone synthesis. In general, smoking raises thyroxine (T4) levels while decreasing thyroid-stimulating hormone.

In addition, smokers are also more likely to develop Graves’ disease, a primary cause of hyperthyroidism, and Graves’ orbitopathy, an eye complication of Graves’ disease. Besides, getting rid of your smoking habit will also help you prevent many other respiratory diseases and lung cancer. 


2. Cut Back on Soy

Soy is a controversial ingredient, particularly when it comes to thyroid health. While it is unlikely to affect your thyroid, and research is increasingly confirming this, ingesting soy in moderation is generally better for your overall health. 

If you have thyroid disease, it’s best that you take your thyroid hormone replacement medication on an empty stomach and wait at least 4 hours before eating. This is due to consistent evidence that soy, as well as calcium, fiber, iron, and other foods and medicines, interfere with your body’s absorption of levothyroxine.


3. Watch out for Perchlorates

Perchlorates are odorless, colorless salts that dissolve in water and are naturally found in some areas of the United States. They’re mostly used in explosives, pyrotechnics, and rocket motors, and they’ve polluted water sources around the country.

According to the CDC, because a huge percentage of U.S. produce is irrigated with perchlorate-contaminated water, perchlorate is also widespread in the U.S. food supply and many Americans are exposed to low levels. 

Because excessive levels of perchlorates can prevent your thyroid from absorbing iodine, which it requires to make thyroid hormones. It’s important to keep informed about perchlorate contamination in your region and the maximum state limits for perchlorates in water. Remember to get your water tested for perchlorate contamination if you use well water. 


4. Ask for a Thyroid Collar for X-Rays

Because of its position and size, the thyroid is the most susceptible portion of your head and neck region, and excessive radiation exposure can lead to thyroid cancer. This is why before going through X-rays, especially chest, head, spine, neck, and dental X-rays, you should ask the technician to place a thyroid collar on your neck. The collar can protect your thyroid gland from radiation exposure. 


5. Have Regular Check-Ups

Regular visits with your primary healthcare provider are essential not just for your general health but also for your thyroid health. This is especially important if you are predisposed to thyroid illness, such as if you have a family history of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Graves’ disease. In this scenario, your doctor will most likely want to check your thyroid hormone levels on an annual basis.


6. Get Help from Supplement

One of the best ways to get your thyroid and hormone back to their normal functional levels is to use hormone replacement supplements—Thyroid Support Supplement from Tailor Made Health, including selenium which is a nutrient essential for preventing thyroid disease.  

According to research, selenium reduces thyroid peroxidase antibodies in patients with Hashimoto’s disease and pregnant women, as well as hypothyroid symptoms (underactive thyroid). 

Because the body absorbs the organic form of selenium known as selenomethionine better than the inorganic form known as sodium selenite, it is preferable to take selenomethionine as a supplement.

Furthermore, Thyroid Support Supplement from Tailor Made Health also contains vitamin K2, which promotes thyroid health and balances hormone levels. It is also suitable for skin health, bone metabolism and prevents heart-related diseases. 


Have you ever heard of thyroid disease? Do you know any other way to avoid thyroid disease? Let us know in the comment section! 


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