Natural Tendonitis Treatments You Can Do At Home

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Natural tendonitis treatments come in handy if the patient’s condition is still minor. These remedies are simple and can be easily done at his or her convenience. It is not costly and saves time from consulting a physician, too. To know more about what these natural tendonitis treatments are, check out our list below.

7 Natural Tendonitis Treatments to Try at Home


1. Use Essential Oils

lavender oil | Natural Tendonitis Treatments You Can Do At Home | tendonitis
Essential oils, like peppermint and lavender, have anti-inflammatory properties. They are known to help reduce swelling caused by injuries. Mix two drops of any of these oils with ½ teaspoon coconut oil. Apply the solution to the affected area three to five times a day. Also, while applying, do warm compress to allow the essential oil to penetrate deep into the skin. The patient can also dip into a warm bath infused with an essential oil as another option.

2. Consume Fish Oils and Foods Rich in Omega-3

Fish oils are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid that’s capable of “turning off” inflammation. The fatty acid reduces or destroys the activities of inflammatory cells and chemicals in the body. The recommended dosage of Omega-3 supplements is 4 g daily. On top of that, eat foods rich in this fatty acid such as roasted soybeans, salmon, walnuts, and sardines.

3. Utilize Ice Packs

Applying a cold compress using ice packs on the affected area is a very easy remedy for inflammation. Following this method a day or two after an injury or when swelling occurs is important as it stops inflammation from worsening. Simply cover the ice pack with a towel or any clothing before putting it on the affected area.

4. Observe an Anti-inflammatory Diet

appetizer cuisine | Natural Tendonitis Treatments You Can Do At Home | tendonitis symptoms
Although the primary cause of inflammation is injuries, the food the patient eats contributes a lot to the cause, too. He or she should avoid consuming alcohol and too much caffeine, excessive sodium and salt, high levels of sugar and refined grains, and fried foods and hydrogenated oils. In contrast, foods like veggies, high-quality, clean proteins, berries, those with high magnesium and potassium levels, and bone broth are sources of anti-inflammatory agents.

5. Exercise Slowly and Take Enough Rest

Starting an exercise quickly and failing to take breaks between workouts can trigger tendonitis. The concept here is simple. Overworking the body triggers the inflammation levels to rise up, which can lead to injury development if severed. This does not only cause physical discomfort but also makes the patient stop from doing training for a certain period.
Give the tendons time to catch up with the new form of movement by doing the exercise slowly. Rest between workouts is also another important consideration in tendonitis treatments. This gives time for damaged tissues to recover.

6. Take a Rest Day from Workout

Following a regular exercise is good, but the patient also needs to allow his or her body to rest from workouts. Overdoing it can still trigger inflammation levels to go up. This remedy is especially important for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts as they are very active people.

7. Drink Collagen Supplements

Body Protective Compund | Natural Tendonitis Treatments You Can Do At Home | tendonitis symptoms
Tendons are generally made of collagen. So, taking a collagen supplement is also recommended to lessen inflammation. The supplement repairs collagen supply and helps boost weak areas. In terms of dosage, follow the instructions on the label.
For more natural tendonitis treatments, watch this 6 home remedies from Natural Cures:

These natural tendonitis treatments are significant to avoid any complications with the disease. Some of them are even easily available at home. Also, it is essential to remember the things to avoid like unhealthy foods and overtraining because they can only make the condition worse. Apply or follow these natural tendonitis treatments at home and say goodbye to body aches.
Which of these tendonitis treatments have you tried? Let us know in the comments section.
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