5 Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

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It’s good to have a healthy diet and a great exercise routine. Still, you can do even better by adding these supplements to boost your immune system and overall well-being.

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In This Article:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. BPC-157
  3. Vitamin C
  4. DIM
  5. Epicatechin


5 Great Supplements to Boost Immune System

1. Vitamin D

(new) Vitamin D - foods rich in vitamin D | 5 Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the health and the functioning of your immune system.

Vitamin D boosts the pathogen-fighting abilities of monocytes and macrophages — white blood cells that play an essential role in immune protection — and reduces inflammation, which aids in immunological response.

A 2019 analysis of randomized controlled trials including 11,321 participants found that supplementing with vitamin D significantly reduced the incidence of respiratory infections in people deficient in this vitamin and reduced infection risk in those with adequate vitamin D levels.

Because of its influence on the immune system, vitamin D has been extensively studied in relation to COVID-19. Vitamin D has been found in studies to speed up healing and reduce inflammation.

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2. BPC-157

BPC 157 aids in the stabilization of the brain-gut axis, which regulates the interplay of the neurological system, gut, microbiota, and immune system. It also assists with esophageal reflux, esophagogastric anastomosis, ulcerative colitis, and intestinal edema, all of which are IBD symptoms (IBD).

BPC 157 helps in wound and tendon healing by reducing the growth-inhibiting actions of a particular chemical known as 4-hydroxynonenal. It may help tendons repair, particularly by encouraging tendon cells to produce more receptors for growth signaling molecules. This permits tendon cells to grow and migrate during damage healing, which speeds up the process.

In addition, it also has the ability to reduce inflammation, which is likely to be involved in its effects on wounds, ulcers, and tissue protection—making it one of the popular supplements to boost the immune system.


3. Vitamin C

(new) Vitamin C - fruit box rich in vitamin C | 5 Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Vitamin is probably one of the most well-known supplements to boost the immune system to fight against infection.

With the current state of the pandemic, it’s essential for people to increase their immune system to fight against the virus when being exposed to the coronavirus either from infection or vaccination.

A comprehensive analysis of 29 studies involving 11,306 participants found that taking vitamin C at an average dose of 1–2 grams per day decreased the duration of colds by 8% in adults and 14% in children.


4. DIM

Cruciferous vegetables include glucobrassicin, a natural chemical. When you eat these meals, the acid in your stomach transforms glucobrassicin into indole-3-carbinol. Through additional chemical modifications, it produces DIM, a stable and physiologically active molecule.

DIM has also been found to enhance the synthesis of enzymes that aid in eliminating toxins and disease-causing substances in the body. The immune system is better prepared with DIM to keep you healthy and clear of harmful, disease-causing chemicals.


5. Epicatechin

Epicatechin - body | 5 Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

Epicatechins have been proven to provide a number of health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They also enhance muscle health and physical strength.

Epicatechin is a powerful antioxidant that acts as an insulin mimic and promotes heart function. Epicatechin prevents platelet aggregation and decreases lipid peroxidation. Epicatechin causes blood vessel dilatation via modulating nitric oxide, a chemical released by the endothelium of blood vessels to tell the surrounding muscle to relax.

Therefore, increasing the amount of time you can spend exercising and recovering potentially enhances your body strength and improves your immune system.

These are only a few of the supplements to boost the immune system, and also, keep in mind that it’s not a good thing to take supplements without precautions. You should consult your healthcare provider first to see which supplements to boost the immune system are the ones for you and offer you optimal results.


What other supplements to boost the immune system have you used or heard about? Let us know in the comments below! 


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