How To Become Active And Fit To Overcome A Sedentary Lifestyle

Feature | Happy couple riding bicycles outside, healthy lifestyle fun concept | How to Become Active and Fit to Overcome a Sedentary Lifestyle
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Overcome the sedentary lifestyle, adopt healthier habits, and start making better life choices with these small yet doable tips.
In this article:

  1. Walk More Often
  2. Reposition Your Couch
  3. Take the Stairs More Often
  4. Stand Up at Work
  5. Move Around During Commercial Breaks
  6. Start Eating Healthy
  7. Choose Far Parking Slots
  8. Ride a Bike
  9. Do Household Chores

9 Simple, Doable Ways to Ditch the Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Definition: Spending too much time in an inactive state and getting little to no exercise

1. Walk More Often

A lot of patients blame joint inflammation for their inability to do simple exercises such as jogging. But, you can actually start with something small and simple such as walking.
It doesn’t even have to be that much. Just try to squeeze in a few minutes of walking whenever you can.
For example, if your office is just a few miles away from home, then opt to walk instead of driving or taking the bus. Similarly, opt to walk on your trip to the grocery store.
After a few months of walking, you can gauge whether or not you can start doing more intense exercises such as jogging or even sprinting. Of course, make sure to seek professional advice before increasing the intensity of your workout plan.

2. Reposition Your Couch

This might seem a bit odd, but it actually works. One reason people tend to adopt a sedentary lifestyle is they’ve become too comfortable with their couch.
It has become a sacred space that provides optimal viewing pleasure, perfect room temperature, and it may have even adjusted according to your body shape.
If that’s the case, then it’s no wonder why you find it hard to get up and do some exercise. To be fit and active, reposition your couch so that it doesn’t become too comfortable.
You can realign the pillows so that your butt would hurt if you sat too long. Similarly, you can opt to change its angle from the television so you won’t find yourself staring blankly into the screen for extended hours.
Whatever you choose to do, the goal is to make your couch as uncomfortable as possible.

3. Take the Stairs More Often

We’ve all heard this at least once. To be physically fit, stop using elevators and start taking the stairs more often.
While it won’t give you a ripped physique, it can definitely spike your heart rate up at random times throughout the day. If you think it’s too easy, try taking five flights of stairs without resting before you scoff at this tip.
Set a rule for when and where you can and cannot take the elevator. Let’s face it, walking up 40 flights of stairs wearing a beautiful gown or dashing tuxedo isn’t really practical, is it?
For example, for five floors and below, make it a non-negotiable rule that you have to use the stairs. Only use the elevator on occasions where you have to go up more than five floors or can’t afford to break a sweat.

4. Stand Up at Work

If you have an eight-hour office job, then chances are you’re sitting down during the greater half of your day. This includes your pre- and post-work activities.
You don’t necessarily have to get a standing desk. Stretching your limbs and joints every now and then is a great way to avoid being sedentary at work.
Make it a rule to get up and do some light stretching every hour or so. It may even enhance focus and work productivity since stretching pumps blood all throughout the body.
Plus, stretching is also a great way to combat back pain and shoulder stiffness, among others. Feel free to explore stretching exercises you can easily do anywhere you are.

5. Move Around During Commercial Breaks

If you limit your child’s television-viewing time, then why aren’t you limiting yours? Every second you spend indulging in television shows leaves you more prone to becoming sedentary.
To combat that, try moving around during commercial breaks. Walk, stretch, or even do some light exercises such as jumping jacks.
The goal here is to minimize the time you spend lying down on the couch with a bag of potato chips glued to your chest.

6. Start Eating Healthy

Woman is eating healthy lunch on dark background | How to Become Active and Fit to Overcome a Sedentary Lifestyle
Do you find it hard to gather enough energy just to complete simple tasks and chores? Apart from your lack of exercise, another key factor why you’re that sluggish is your diet.
If you’re not feeding your body the right nutrients, it won’t have anything to source its energy from. For example, if you keep eating high-calorie sugary snacks, then you’ll only get short bursts of energy.
On the other hand, those who eat more protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats produce sustainable energy that fuels them throughout the day. Start your day with a big, healthy breakfast and end it with muscle-recovering food choices.
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7. Choose Far Parking Slots

As we said, you’d want to sneak in a few minutes of walking whenever you can – this includes your walks at the parking lot.
It may seem silly, but that extra spike in your heart rate may just be what you need to slowly beat your sedentary lifestyle. Your walks at the parking lot may even help you recover from joint pain!

8. Ride a Bike

Some places are just too far to reach on foot. But instead of driving or taking the bus like you normally would, opt to ride a bike.
It doesn’t even have to be a fancy, expensive one. A good, sturdy bike that’s well-adjusted according to your measurements is more than enough.
Whether it’s on the way to work, the stores, or even the coffee shop, try to bike as much as you can. On the weekends, you can arrange meet-ups with fellow bikers.
You can take a group ride to faraway places that’ll test your athleticism and endurance. Just make sure that you actually have the physical capacity to do so.

9. Do Household Chores

Stop procrastinating and start doing those household chores. When you put things off, you tend to succumb to the sedentary lifestyle.
List all the chores you need to accomplish and take them on one by one. Start with big tasks you need to finish immediately.
Cardiologist Dr. Tara Narula joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss warnings about sedentary lifestyles. Watch the video by CBS This Morning below: 

These are just some of the simple ways people can adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Overall, to avoid being sedentary at work or at home, try to make as many changes as you can to your daily routine.
Don’t pressure yourself into following a two-hour bodybuilding routine if your body can’t handle it. Small, effective, and sustainable lifestyle choices beat abrupt, spontaneous fitness fads any day of the week.
Do you think these tips can help you overcome a sedentary lifestyle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!
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