Reverse Leptin Resistance In 9 Ways

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If you have thyroid problems and gained weight, you probably want to know how to reverse leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone made up of adipose cells. It regulates digestive and energy metabolism to keep you from getting hungry. When receptors in the brain block out leptin, the result is slower metabolism. It manifests as “feeling hungry all the time”. Being leptin resistant also causes your body to store more body fat and could lead to thyroid autoimmunity.

How to Reverse Leptin Resistance the Right Way

In this article:

  1. What Is Leptin Resistance
  2. Tips to Reverse Leptin Resistance

What Is Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone which interacts with parts of the brain that controls your eating behavior. The adipose fat cells in your body produce these leptins to signal your body to stop eating. If your body is leptin resistant, it doesn’t recognize high leptin levels and this makes you more prone to being diagnosed with obesity due to over-eating.

Tips to Reverse Leptin Resistance

Tip #1: Talk to Your Doctor First

Talk To Your Doctor First | Reverse Leptin Resistance In 9 Ways
If you have yet to speak to your doctor about your leptin resistance suspicion, you need to do it as soon as possible. Your doctor can help shed light about your leptin resistance symptoms and might order some lab work to be sure. You can get a definitive answer and create a health plan on how to manage the condition.
Two ways to check if you have leptin resistance are via fasting serum leptin levels and uric acid levels tests. Your doctor may conclude you have leptin resistance if you are at least 20 pounds overweight and scored high leptin levels and uric acid levels.

Tip #2: Take Effective Leptin Resistance Medication

Once you are diagnosed with leptin resistance, your doctor may prescribe medicine to regulate it. Currently, the top three medication used to manage your condition are Victoza, Byetta, and Symlin. These injectables are also often used to control diabetes and insulin levels.

Tip#3: Try Natural Medication

If you prefer to use natural medication, you can ask your doctor for leptin resistance alternatives like Gluco SX, Crave Control, and SuperSlim. These natural medications come with herbs that can help boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and reduce appetite due to leptin resistance. Consult your doctor to know the dosage you need to manage your condition.

Tip#4: Get a Good Number of Sleep Hours at Night

If you work at night or travel a lot overseas, you are at a higher risk for leptin resistance. According to research, sleep disruption (or lack of it) can induce leptin resistance. Our bodies are biologically conditioned to rest at night, so not getting enough rest at the right time could increase your risk for leptin resistance. If you cannot avoid it, switch your circadian rhythm by going with this at least eight hours of sleep and avoid eating a lot at night.

Tip #5: Mind When and How Much You Eat

Humans are naturally wired to eat 12 hours a day and fast 12 hours at night. Eating more at night not only induces leptin resistance, but it also increases weight gain. If your current lifestyle cannot help regulate your food intake, you need to have a leptin resistance diet and introduce a high-intensity workout before or after your day to help reduce your body weight.
An example of a leptin resistance diet involves high leptin foods. These kinds of foods will make you feel satiated longer:

  • Boiled potatoes
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Meat and fish
  • Greek yogurt

Tip#6: Reduce Sugar, Saturated Fat, and Carb Intake

If you live with this condition, you need to avoid foods which are high in saturated fat or sugar or both. The research concluded these could cause an inflammatory response to the hypothalamus, a part of your brain which promotes leptin resistance and obesity. Moreover, reducing your carbs can help decrease triglycerides, which inhibit the transport of leptin signals to the brain. You should also avoid highly processed foods because they can cause chemical changes in your brain, causing more desire to eat and disrupting your appetite regulation.

Tip#7: Try to Relax

Try to Relax | Reverse Leptin Resistance In 9 Ways
While medication can help manage leptin resistance, you should avoid taking a leptin supplement to lose more weight. Leptin medication may have a pleasant side effect, but taking too much of it will cause problems in the future. Unless you are one of the few people who does not produce leptin, eat protein or vegetables that can safely pass your body and help you lose weight instead.

Tip #8: Exercise Daily

A study on rats has found exercise as an efficient manner to either restore your body’s sensitivity to leptin or reverse leptin resistance. If you are not fond of the gym, sign up for a fun workout like hiking, swimming, or even sports. You can also try a fitness regimen that offers a great support system like CrossFit, dancing, or street running. As long as it involves getting active and moving your body, any exercise or fitness regimen can help you manage leptin resistance.

Tip #9: Get a Follow-up Checkup

How would you know if your medication, your new habits, and diet actually work? Going to your doctor after a period of taking leptin resistance medication, leptin diet, and exercise will give you an idea whether you are making progress. You cannot measure your success if you only rely on your weight loss.
Watch this video by Dr. Westin Childs about reversing leptin resistance below:

Getting diagnosed with leptin resistance can be overcome with a long-term health plan. If you initially lose weight, it does not mean your brain will reverse leptin resistance. If you keep to your leptin medication, diet, exercise, and resolve, you will successfully manage this health condition while maintaining off unwanted weight.
Got any tips on how to reverse leptin resistance? Share us these tips in the comment section below!
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Reverse Leptin Resistance In 9 Ways
Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 12, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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