3 Reasons Why You Need To Fix Revenge Bedtime Procrastination & How To Do It

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What is revenge bedtime procrastination? Simply put, it means you delay bedtime to spend it on activities that you can’t do during the day, as revenge. The adverse effects of bedtime procrastination go further than coping with the urge to sleep.

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In This Article:

  1. Impact On Health 
  2. Emotion and Mentality Sabotage
  3. Lack Of Effectiveness
  4. How To Fight Bedtime Procrastination?


Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Is Not As Fun As You Imagine.

1. Impact On Health

man having heart problems - impact on health - ss

Most people who enjoy bedtime procrastination are those that don’t have spare time for leisure activities due to busy schedules.

As a result, they binge-watch a TV series or mindlessly scroll through social media instead of heading to bed. These electronic devices exude blue light that interrupts sleep time, according to scientists: the longer the screen time, the shorter the sleep duration becomes, and not a mystery, the more sleep deprived you can be on the next day.

If sleep deprivation keeps going for the long haul without any adjustment, you can face some serious health problems such as heart attack, strokes, and high blood pressure.


2. Emotional and Mental Sabotage

man sitting on the couch with headaches - emotional sabotage - ss

There is a widespread misconception that you can still functionally run your day with fewer hours of sleep time. However, it is wrong.

While you are not enjoying the next day as the body is constantly fighting the urge to sleep, your mentality is on another boat, rocking a worse storm as the brain refuses to operate correctly. This could result in memory issues, lack of concentration, and brain fog.

Despite how much you try, work productivity runs slow regardless, which disrupts a person’s emotional state, leading to stagnance of mood regulation, which might unintentionally hurt everyday relationships.

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3. Lack Of Effectiveness

woman feeling tired and sleepy at work - ss

As we know, the instant karma of bedtime procrastination is sleep deprivation that stops you from accomplishing everything you have planned for the day. Without much thought put into work due to brain dysfunctionality, things seem to turn against your favors instead.

Nothing is new about this consequence since the more you procrastinate, the less appropriate state of mind you are in for tomorrow’s tasks, which lowers the effectiveness in things you want to do.

Overscheduling during the day can result in bedtime procrastination which creates a vicious cycle of constant wonders between “should I go to bed” or “should I watch this series?”. That means you should not try to exhaust yourself by jamming too many tasks in one day, but one by one to avoid sleep stagnance.


4. How To Fight Bedtime Procrastination?

women doing yoga

  • Cut down screen time: make good use of smartphones by setting a timer so you can be in control of your screen time and sleep schedule. Nowadays, you can track your screen time usage with built-in time management on your phone, which reports time consumption according to your liking.
  • Develop a sleep routine: it could be gentle stretches, walking, reading, or meditation that you can easily do at home. Taking a bath or shower, ideally one or two hours before bedtime, is also an option to put yourself to sleep faster.
  • Sleep supplements: melatonin is an inborn hormone that makes you fall asleep better. However, over time, some people might run low; therefore, there are a variety of sleep supplements available.
  • Therapy sessions: in case of severity, you might consider talking to therapists or doctors to resolve the problem faster.
  • Be consistent and determined: taking back the control of your life can’t come to fruition if you don’t work for it with utmost consistency and determination. It’s also good to have someone who also suffers from bedtime procrastination to remind and encourage each other to achieve the goal.


Revenge bedtime procrastination is a great escape to the wonderland of leisure activities. Still, you will pay for the cost of good sleep in return while continuously leaving your body in a deprived state. Sleep matters because it recharges your battery, so no amount of episodes should be traded for sleep time regardless.


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