What To Write In A Mindfulness Journal

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A mindfulness journal is a way of keeping a journal in a meditative way. Read more to learn how to keep an effective mindfulness journal.
In this article:

  1. What is a mindfulness journal?
  2. What to write in a mindfulness journal?

What is a Mindfulness Journal?

Mindfulness journal is a journal where emotions are written with their causes and effects. It helps people to keep track of their emotions, why and how they get these emotions and thoughts.
Mindfulness journal helps to face thoughts, explore desires and curiosity and confront feelings. Reflecting on thoughts and feelings is an essential part of mindfulness.
It could be challenging to start a mindfulness journey for the first time, some people get confused about what to write. Here are some tips on what to write in a mindfulness journal.

What to Write In a Mindfulness Journal?


Reflection is a way of writing down about the events which took place that day. It’s important to write on an objective angle to see your reactions/actions.
It’s very important to rethink and observe an event from different angles with alternative possible results and how you could have reacted differently to achieve divergent outcomes.
At the moment it can be difficult to take a step back and see the bigger picture but once you go back to that moment and rethink the whole situation objectively it could help see the good and the bad things. It’s an opportunity to take a look at yourself from the outer perspective.
You can write 4-6 events that happened on that day with details such as; what happened, how it happened, how it made you feel, what was your reaction, why did you give such a reaction, what was the result, was it a bad or a good result, what could you have done differently, etc.

Repeated Ideas

Being aware of inner thoughts is a way to discover desires and curiosity. People often get certain thoughts and feelings repeatedly. It can be a good idea to write down these repeated ideas, thoughts and feelings.
This can be useful for your professional life and your personal growth. And it will help you keep a track of your inner dialogue and the flow of your emotions.

New Ideas

Writing your new ideas can be a good way of controlling your thoughts and could help you improve your life the way you want.
You can present new ideas into your inner dialogue and work on how to get these ideas to reality. This could help you both in your professional life and personal growth. Replacing negative thoughts with new and positive ideas cannot happen in the blink of an eye. Introducing new ideas and working on them while taking your time will help you see how you can control your thoughts.

Emotional Closure

In real life, we sometimes have to censor our thoughts and our judgment. But while writing a mindfulness journal it is important to be honest, and not to censor our real thoughts and feelings even if they are ugly. Facing them and working on them is very important for personal growth.
Think about why you have such thoughts and judgments and whether you are comfortable with these feelings. If not you can work on them and resolve. Get to know yourself with both good and bad sides and remember nobody’s perfect.

Emotional Closure

Writing a couple moments that you were mindful during the day is a good practise of recognizing your mindfulness journey.
Sometimes people might feel like they are not making any progress that is why writing your mindful moments in your journal can help you keep track of your progress and your mindfulness journey.
Mindfulness journaling is a great way to make sense of everything in your life, reflect on your life and your true self. When you feel stressed, out of place, depressed, etc your journal can help you let out all the negative feelings and show you the progress you’ve made. It’s your safe place to keep all your thoughts, emotions, desires and plans.
If you take small steps to begin this mindfulness journey you’ll realize how naturally it’ll go.
Tell us how you practice mindfulness and what you write in your journal! Share your experience in the comments section below.
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