4 Science-Backed Ways For Improving Gut Health

3D illustration showing Gut human digestive system_Feature | 4 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Gut Health
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Along with mental health awareness, eating healthy carries the same, if not, even more, weight when it comes to self-care. More than ever, improving gut health topics have spanned its popularity, followed by high demand for scientifically proven methods. Here are four simple remedies that enhance not only your gut but also overall health.

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In This Article:

  1. Avoid Antibiotics as much as Possible
  2. Minimize Stress
  3. Eat Fermented Foods and Prebiotic Fiber
  4. Adapt to Vegetarian or Plant-based Diets


Improving Gut Health is Important for Immunity, Physical and Mental Health

1. Avoid Antibiotics as such as Possible

Avoid antibiotics as much as possible since probiotics play a huge part in improving gut health_Body1 | 4 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Gut Health

Though antibiotics are often used in prescriptions, and it does help combat infections when needed, too much of anything, in this case, antibiotic intake, could make you sick since it can strip away helpful bacteria in the process, according to NCBI.

Doses of antibiotics should be followed up thoroughly by consulting doctors. In case of unnecessary, avoid antibiotics as much as possible since probiotics play a huge part in improving gut health.


2. Minimize Stress

A woman sitting at home relaxing to minimize stress from her workload_Body2 | 4 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Gut Health

It’s been proven that an upset stomach reflects high levels of stress and anxiety. The connection seems to be irrelevant at first. Still, it has been proven over the years in the public eye where everyone pays more attention to mental health.

Pampering your mental health is important as nerves affect almost every aspect of our lives. By following a proper schedule of eating well, sleeping well, and exercising well also add a significant benefit in terms of mentality and physicality.

In addition, practicing meditation is also highly recommended, according to Mayo Clinic.

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3. Eat Fermented Foods and Prebiotic Fiber

Prebiotic rich foods_Body 3 | 4 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Gut Health

Do you know that improving gut health can be done easily by eating foods and ingredients found at a reasonably cheap cost in supermarkets? Whether it’s bananas, asparagus, leek, and garlic or fermented vegetables, miso, yogurt, kombucha. Researchers have discovered these small but mighty foods contain high levels of prebiotics that strengthen and multiply vulnerable probiotics. Supplements are also a good source of probiotics in case you’re too lazy to cook or allergic to a few options.

Don’t forget to regularly load your meals with foods mentioned above and more choices to come, such as chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, and onions for a variety of diets and palates. Make sure to purchase your supplements from renowned sources such as drug stores, food stores, and online.


4. Adapt to Plant-based or Vegetarian Diets

Pretty woman with green ingredients cooking plant-based food_Body4 | 4 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Gut Health

For such a long time, vegetarian diets, now commonly called “plant-based diets” obviously packed with prebiotic fiber, have been seen as the most effective way to improve gut health.

A study has shown that plant-based diets, especially for obese people who consumed a high amount of fat and carbohydrates, then faced digestive issues. Consequently, it really did a great job of reducing inflammation and, of course, weight loss.

Make sure to combine vegetables with clean proteins like tofu, chickpeas, or beans to load up the energy and add a texture to your meals.

It’s a positive sign to see a majority of people are paying attention to what they consume to the body as a way of self-care these days.

All of the methods above can be everyday practices. Slowly turn into a habit, from taking supplements to serving a good portion of daily meals with cheap and easy-to-find ingredients.

However, health matters must not be taken for granted. It’s still best to consult the doctors about your stage and conditions before adopting and committing to any drastic changes that directly affect the digestive system; if not, it should be done step by step.


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