A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels

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Instead of just relying on your thyroid medication, you may optimize your treatment even further with a healthy salad recipe like this one! If you’re looking for a new dish to add to your thyroid diet, then this healthy salad recipe is perfect for you! This simple salad recipe is made up of a few ingredients with various health benefits for your thyroid, as well as your liver. Find out what makes this salad so great for your health!

Healthy Salad Recipe for Hyperthyroid Diet



  • 2 raw beets
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 radishes
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds


Step 1: Chop Raw Beets

Chop Raw Beets | A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels
Chop some raw beets into small pieces and add them to your salad bowl.
Trivia: Beets are especially nutritious for your liver because its betaine content may protect and strengthen your liver’s cells. This liver cleansing vegetable may help with your thyroid’s hormone conversion.

Step 2: Put in Cut Radishes

Put in Cut Radishes | A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels
You can either shred or slice some radish into thin slices to add to your salad bowl for this healthy salad recipe.
Trivia: Radishes are cruciferous vegetables which make them great for your thyroid. Its iodine content may help prevent Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and hyperthyroidism.

Step 3: Add Sliced Cucumber

Add Sliced Cucumber | A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels
The next ingredient you should add is some sliced cucumber.
Trivia: Cucumbers have a ton of health benefits including helping your thyroid symptoms of weight by promoting weight loss, flushing out toxins, and keep you hydrated without the risk of water retention.
If you’re looking for an alternative source of iodine, you can opt for thyroid support supplements like Thyro8. It is all-natural and effective but without awful side effects.

Step 4: Pour in Coconut Oil

Pour in Coconut Oil | A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels
Using coconut oil as a dressing for this healthy salad recipe may help with your hypothyroidism. This oil has been known to help with its symptoms of hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and moodiness. You may also sprinkle some salt into the mix to add an extra taste to this healthy salad recipe.

Step 5: Add Chia Seeds

Add Chia Seeds | A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels
Soak some chia seeds in water for 10 minutes before adding it to your salad. Chia seeds are a great source of healthy fats to help you balance your imbalanced hormone levels due to thyroid problems. Adding chia seeds to this healthy salad recipe may help your thyroid function and add flavor to this recipe.

Step 6: Sprinkle Coriander Leaves into the Salad

This salad wouldn’t be complete without a few pinches of coriander leaves. Coriander is a staple ingredient in most thyroid friendly recipes because of its nutrients which help detoxify the body. This allows your thyroid to regulate your metabolism much more efficiently.

Try This Healthy Salad Recipe Regularly

Try This Healthy Salad Recipe Regularly | A Healthy Salad Recipe To Help Reduce High Thyroid Levels
This salad may be a great adventure for your taste buds but making it a staple meal in your diet may help your thyroid health. With all these thyroid and liver boosting ingredients, there’s no harm in introducing this tasty salad into your thyroid diet.
Watch the video below from Thyroid Symptoms for this healthy salad recipe:

This simple, healthy salad recipe is filled with ingredients excellent for your thyroid and your liver. Its coconut oil dressing may also add some extra taste to your salad to give you a pleasant meal while helping your thyroid. This salad may help you optimize your thyroid treatment and help improve your overall health!
Have you tried this healthy salad recipe before? Do you know any other salads great for your thyroid? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below!
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