What Does Free Testosterone Mean? (Definition + Benefits)

Carefree happy man | Feature | What Does Free Testosterone Mean? (Definition + Benefits)
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Testosterone is a hormone present in both humans and other animals. The testicles are the primary source of testosterone in males. One of which is free testosterone; let’s check out what it is and its benefits.

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In this article:

  1. What Is Free Testosterone? 
  2. Benefits of Free Testosterone


What You Should Know About Free Testosterone

What Is Free Testosterone?

Free testosterone is a hormone that is not bound to any proteins in the blood, hence the term “free.” Other testosterone that is not “free” in the blood is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin proteins. Sexual disorders have been linked to low free testosterone levels.

A person’s free testosterone levels should stay continuously in the normal range for good health. Fluctuation will occur regularly, from morning to night; however, large variations can trigger negative symptoms.

According to a study, the average level of free testosterone in male should be:

  • From 30 to 40 years old: 10.3 pg/mL
  • From 40 to 50 years old: 9.1 pg/mL
  • From 50 to 60 years old: 8.3 pg/mL
  • Over 60 years old: 6.9 pg/mL


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Benefits of Free Testosterone

Stronger Bones

Fit man exercise | What Does Free Testosterone Mean? (Definition + Benefits)

Testosterone has a significant impact on bone mineral density. Men’s bone density declines as they age, and testosterone levels fall. This increases the chance of bone weakness and osteoporosis. Strong bones protect your muscles and internal organs, which will make you do well in sports. Research shows that bone density increases with the increased level of free testosterone in the body from HRT.


Better Mood

Lower testosterone levels are linked to a lower quality of life. Depression, nausea, and irritability are some of the signs of reduced testosterone levels.

However, some evidence suggests that this could only be so for men with hypogonadism. Men whose bodies exhibit the natural decline in testosterone over time did not exhibit an increase in depression.


More Muscle, Less Fat

stretching strong man | What Does Free Testosterone Mean? (Definition + Benefits)

Increased muscle mass is a result of testosterone. Leaner body mass aids in weight loss and energy production. Studies suggest that therapy for men with low testosterone can reduce fat mass while increasing muscle size and strength.


Better Libido

In response to sexual desire and exercise, testosterone levels spontaneously increase. Men with higher testosterone levels are more sexually active. For libido and erectile function, older men need more testosterone. However, it is essential to remember that erectile dysfunction is often caused by other medical problems or drugs rather than insufficient free testosterone levels.

According to research, testosterone therapy will improve your sexual wellbeing and performance. It further demonstrates that there is a maximum level of testosterone before no increased reaction occurs.


Healthy Heart

A healthy heart circulates blood throughout the body, supplying tissues and organs with the oxygen they need for peak output—testosterone aids in developing red blood cells via the bone marrow. Low testosterone levels are associated with a number of cardiovascular dangers.

In the recent study, men with normal testosterone levels are 36% less likely to have a stroke and 24% less likely to experience a heart attack.

As free testosterone plays a huge role in various functions of the body, from increasing bone density to enhancing blood circulation, it is crucial for you to keep an eye on your level of testosterone. A reduced level of free testosterone can lead to various unwanted side effects. The best way to resolve any hormone problems is to visit a health professional and seek advice on treatment such as hormone replacement therapy or other suitable treatments.


Have you heard about free testosterone before and known about its benefits? Let us know your opinions in the comment below! 


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