Foods High In Calcium For A Healthy Diet

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Eating foods high in calcium will help you get the recommended daily dose to ensure normal body functions. To know how to get more calcium in your diet, we have compiled a list of easy-to-get calcium food sources.

Have No Fear, Foods High in Calcium Are Right Here

1. Canned Sardines

Believe it or not, canned sardines are high in calcium and make for a very nutritious meal. Sardines contain vitamin D, omega 3 and calcium to keep the body healthy. Its edible, soft bones are calcium-rich. Eating a can of sardines will provide 30% of the body’s calcium needs (USRDA). There’s no need to cook and anyone can eat them straight from the can.

2. Yogurt

An 8-ounce cup of yogurt contains 452 mg of calcium which is nearly half of the required daily intake. The calcium in yogurt provides strong bones and teeth, the B vitamins protect against heart disease, and the probiotics help with digestion and kill bad bacteria in the stomach. Yogurt also contributes to weight loss since it is filling and keeps one from overeating. Be sure to pick regular yogurt because Greek yogurt has less calcium.

3. Cheese

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Cheese is an excellent addition to any meal. Eating cheese, which many find to be absolutely delicious whether on pasta, bread, or any other dish, will provide nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin A. Parmesan cheese contains the most calcium. Sitting on an ounce of parmesan cheese is 331 mg. of calcium. That’s a third of the daily calcium requirement. Some are worried that the saturated fat in cheese may not be good for the body. But studies show that this may only have a minimal contribution to heart disease.

4. Sesame Seeds

Often used as a condiment, sesame seeds not only add flavor but carry a heavy load of calcium. A fourth of a cup of sesame seeds contains 351 mg of calcium – more than the calcium in a cup of milk. It’s also becoming popular as a healthy snack. The seeds also contain manganese, zinc, and copper. These work together to produce an antioxidant that keeps bones flexible and strong. Try peppering salads or bread with sesame seeds to add a delicate flavor and get these bonus benefits.

5. Milk

Milk is one of the healthiest and cheapest sources of calcium. A cup of milk contains anywhere between 276-352 mg. of calcium. Milk, with its vitamin D, vitamin A, and protein, not only makes bones strong but also keeps the immune system at its defensive best. Calcium from dairy is absorbed by the body much more easily than calcium from plant sources.

6. Fortified Food

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Food fortification is the process by which micronutrients are added to certain food items. It is not unusual for certain regions of the world to be rich in one kind of produce but lack others. The World Health Organization implemented food fortification as a strategy to provide everyone, regardless of where they are located, with the nutrients they need. This reduction in dietary deficiencies, in turn, reduces related diseases. Calcium is mostly found in fortified carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and rice.

7. Orange Juice

Freshly made orange juice contains a wealth of nutrition for the body. Vitamin C for a stronger immune system, potassium lowers blood pressure, calcium for stronger teeth and bones. Orange juice does contain calcium, but not a lot of it. Drinking fortified orange juice will make it easier to meet the daily required dose of calcium. One cup of fortified orange juice contains 500 mg of calcium, which is half the required daily dose.

8. White Beans

A cup of white beans contains calcium ranging anywhere from 161-191 mg, or almost a fifth of the daily requirement. The beans also contain fiber and vitamin C. Vitamin C gives a boost to the immune system, while fiber helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. Canned white beans will stay fresh for years to come, but be sure to go for ‘no salt added.’

9. Dried Figs

If fruits are nature’s candy, then dried figs are most especially so. Naturally sweet, figs are high in antioxidants, fiber, and calcium. Antioxidants may lower the risk of infection and certain types of cancer. Fiber keeps the digestive system working properly. And calcium builds strong bones and teeth. A single fig has 13 mg. of calcium; cup contains around 241 mg of calcium. Figs are a satisfying substitute for sugar-loaded treats.
Check out this video from Dr. Axe to learn why calcium is so important, and what foods are needed to eat to get calcium:

Foods rich in calcium are readily available. Knowing which ones are right in our cupboard or refrigerator will help us get the right amount of calcium every day. We know that calcium is essential to strong bones and teeth. But the body also needs calcium to support muscle growth, promote nerve function, and prevent diabetes. There are plenty more delicious sources of calcium, but we’ve listed everyday items that are easy to find and grab.
Which high calcium foods do you like to eat? Tell us in the comments section below!
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Foods High In Calcium For A Healthy Diet

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