11 Fall Health Tips To Keep You Strong All Season Long

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Don’t let illnesses ruin this amazing time for you! Follow these 11 fall health tips and have a healthy, meaningful autumn season.
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In this article:

  1. See Your Doctor
  2. Plan a Cold-Weather Exercise Routine
  3. Keep Your Sleep Hygiene in Check
  4. Hydrate Like You Mean It
  5. Have a Fall-Ready Hair and Skin Routine
  6. Fall in Love with the Flavors of Fall
  7. Watch Your Screen Time
  8. Relax
  9. Watch Your Portions
  10. Learn Your Family Health History
  11. Give Your Body a Natural Boost from the Inside

11 Autumn Health Tips

1. See Your Doctor

During the cold months of the year, we’re more susceptible to heart conditions because the weather affects circulation and makes the heart work harder. It’s best to get a check-up during the fall to ensure you are in your best condition in the winter to come.
You can also ask your doctor about seasonal vaccines you and the family may need. The fall is the flu season so put up your family’s defenses and take flu shots.

2. Plan a Cold-Weather Exercise Routine

As the season changes, so should your workout routine. This would prevent you from skipping exercise once the weather changes and the outside becomes unappealing.
If you enjoy being around people and making friends, you can enroll at a gym or take fitness classes. If this isn’t really your crowd, you can search for workouts online or devise a routine on your own.
Even simply dancing to your favorite music can work! Be creative and find an activity you find fun.

3. Keep Your Sleep Hygiene in Check

shallow focus of pendant lamp bulb in a room | Fall Health Tips To Keep You Strong All Season Long | fall health tips | autumn health tips
The time change which comes with the season can mess with your sleep routine. Days are going to be shorter, and the sky getting dark earlier than usual may leave you feeling tired.
That’s your circadian rhythm working. When it gets darker, our body starts producing melatonin, the hormone responsible for our sleep-wake cycles.

Circadian Rhythm Definition: A bodily process regulating the sleep-wake cycle

If the “dark” trip to and from the office wakes the nap-monster in you by 6 pm even with enough sleep, you need to make some changes. Take a brisk walk or do a few sets of jumping jacks in the evening to fight the urge to doze off too early.
You can also replace your lightbulbs with ones with a natural and balanced light spectrum.

4. Hydrate Like You Mean It

Much like during the summer, hydration is also important during the fall. The body needs water to function properly.
Staying hydrated will benefit your:

  • Digestion
  • Waste removal
  • Skin
  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Fluid and mineral balance
  • Joint lubrication

How much fluids should you drink exactly? The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAM) suggests around 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters of fluids for men and about 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters of fluids a day for women.

5. Have a Fall-Ready Hair and Skin Routine

Your hair, scalp, and skin will get a little duller and drier during colder months.
The cold and lack of humidity outside plus the indoor heat from your thermostat which makes the air dry can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Going back and forth between such conditions won’t help the situation.
Gently exfoliate your skin and moisturize regularly to get your glow back. Natural oils like argan, jojoba, or rosehip are great for hydrating the skin and hair.
You can massage any of these oils into your scalp and hair after shampooing or add a teaspoon to your conditioner or shampoo. Apply them on your hands, skin, and cuticles after every shower, too.
Adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine can also help. This compound attracts moisture and maintains fluid balance to keep the skin plump and radiant.

6. Fall in Love with the Flavors of Fall

man holding kale vegetable | Fall Health Tips To Keep You Strong All Season Long | fall health tips | fall foods
Kale is just one of the many delicious, nutritious foods in season during autumn.

Seasonal foods are fresher, more delicious, and more nutritious than those eaten out of season. The crops and harvests for fall are particularly compelling.
Check the closest farmers markets for seasonal produce like Brussels sprouts, beets, kale, apples, squash, gourds, and a lot more.
Fall is also the perfect time to experiment with healthy soup recipes. You can try nutritious spices like ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric.
Superfoods like matcha green tea and bone broth collagen can also power you up for the season.
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7. Watch Your Screen Time

Cold weather is indoors weather but this doesn’t mean you’re stuck being glued to your devices the whole day. Prolonged exposure to blue light from your gadgets can harm your eyes.
As alternatives, you can plan indoor activities which do not involve the use of screens. Play board games, read books you’ve been meaning to finish or start a new hobby.

8. Relax

woman taking a bath | Fall Health Tips To Keep You Strong All Season Long | fall health tips | autumn health tips
A good self-care routine can make autumn a pleasant, healthy time for you.

Take your self-care routine to the next level by trying different relaxation routine like meditation and having an essential oil diffuser at home. Don’t forget to pause and relax—drink herbal tea or try adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola rosea and cordyceps to ease the mental and physical effects of stress.

Adaptogenic Definition: Natural substances which help the body adapt to stress

Fill up your tub with hot water, add bath salts and oils and escape to a blissful warm bath. This can soothe you after a long, cold, busy day.

9. Watch Your Portions

Fall season prepares us to the holiday season—the season of accidental overeating and weight gain. Stay in shape by keeping an eye on the portions you eat—getting the right balance of nutrients is essential.
Before going to holiday parties and potlucks, keep in mind what an ideal meal should look like and see to eat that you only eat enough. Here’s a simple rule you can follow: fill 1/2 of your plate with veggies, 1/4 with whole-grain starch, the remaining quarter with lean protein.

10. Learn Your Family Health History

Knowing your family health history is important in building a solid wellness plan. Since families tend to gather around more often during the winter and autumn months, you can use this opportunity to learn more about your health heritage.

11. Give Your Body a Natural Boost from the Inside

Fortify your body’s defenses against cold-weather disease by stacking up on natural supplements. Dr. Seeds has a line of natural products for overall health and for people with nagging joint pains that the cold can exacerbate.
Dr. Seeds Body Protective Complex
This daily supplement can increase collagen synthesis and repair painful injuries which are holding you back. It employs a protein sequence which can help you feel your best.

  • Repairs damaged connective tissues in tendons and ligaments
  • Increases collagen production
  • Decreases inflammation

Dr. Seeds Vitamin D3
Dr. Seeds’ Vitamin D3 can give your overall health a boost. It can help in maintaining strong muscles, bones, and immune system.
This all-natural, easy-to-take vitamin D3 drop provides optimal absorption and potency minus the risk of unprotected exposure to UVB rays.
Before you know it, it will be winter soon. Check out this video for some healthy eating tips this winter:

The fall season is one of the best times of the year but the cold it brings means we need to take better care of our bodies. Don’t let illnesses ruin this amazing time (and the holiday season!) for you by taking good care of yourself and following these tips.
How do you plan to stay in shape this fall? Let’s exchange tips in the comments section below!
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