5 Ways to Drift Off To Sleep Naturally

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Does this sound familiar? It’s nearly 2 A.M. You’ve been turning and tossing nonstop for hours, trying your best to fall asleep. 

A lack of sleep can cause serious problems to your health as it’s crucial to help your body regain strength after a long day of work. From productivity, weight management, immune health, and emotional wellbeing, they all can be affected by your lack of sleep. 

Knowing this, we have put together a list of ways to help you drift off to sleep easily. 

In This Article:

  1. Watch What You Drink 
  2. Work out More 
  3. Lights Out
  4. Drift off with Meditation
  5. Aromatherapy


Drift off to Sleep with the Help of These Useful Tips:

Watch What You Drink 

a cup of coffee with the magazine - ca | 5 Ways to Drift Off To Sleep Naturally | Watch What You Drink

It can’t be denied that coffee gives you the energy boost needed to kick off a new day of work. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you alert and focused on the task at hand. However, it can also mess up your sleep if consumed too late in the day. 

A study found that consuming caffeine six to seven hours before bedtime can reduce your total sleep time by one hour. And this effect can be more potent for older individuals as it takes a longer time for their body to process the caffeine. This makes it harder for them to drift off to sleep at night. For women, regularly consuming a high amount of caffeine can lead to some serious complications during pregnancy. 

On the other hand, drinking warm milk or herbal tea can help relax your mind and body and help you to drift off to sleep easily. Milk, especially warm or hot milk, has been long known and used to enhance sleep quality. 

Studies have shown that it has many sleep-promoting components, and one of them is amino acid tryptophan. This can be converted to melatonin and serotonin, consequently inducing sleepiness and relaxation.


Work out More

a girl is running in the forest - ca | 5 Ways to Drift Off To Sleep Naturally | Work out More

You may not know this, but having a lot of physical activity during the day can improve sleep. Many studies have been conducted to determine the connection between going out for a walk or any other kind of physical exercise and sleep quality. Researchers found that exercise training resulted in improved sleep quality in middle age or older adults with sleep issues. 

Make sure that you exercise regularly to get the best results. Doing some physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week, and you’ll see the improvement. But again, for anyone who is planning on exercising right before bedtime, we suggest you let your body rest for a while. The rise in adrenaline, body heat, and heart rate is a bad combination with sleep. 

It’s ideal to let your body rest and cool down at least 1 hour before you start to drift off to sleep. 


Lights Out

a lamp is turning on next to a socket - CA | 5 Ways to Drift Off To Sleep Naturally | Lights Out

One of the reasons for your sleep deprivation could be from having light shining right in front of you, for anyone who sleeps with the lights on, if you want to have a deeper sleep try turning everything off before going to bed. 

Also, the lights from smartphones and handheld devices interfere with your sleep. The blue lights emitted from those devices trick you into thinking it’s still early and make you stay up later than usual. Also, that can have terrible effects on your eyes, especially when using devices at night.  

The bathroom light is no different. Getting up in the night and turning the bathroom light on can lead to visual disruption, and it can take up to 30 minutes for you to get back to sleep. A simple solution is to have a night light installed in the bathroom. 


Drift off with Meditation

Yoga and meditation are very popular, and there are many reasons why. There is a kind of yoga pose or meditation for almost every activity, including sleep. Spending about 10 to 15 minutes for a meditation session on your bed before you start to settle down is an excellent way to improve sleep quality.  

Meditation helps the body to relax and calm the mind. It’s an overall stress reliever. Especially for older people who find it hard to do exercises or other physical activities.



A soothing, relaxing aroma can provide you with a calm mind and a better mood. As one of the five senses, smell also plays a crucial part in getting you that perfect sleep. Therefore, consider investing in a mist lamp and your favorite essential oils if you want to improve your sleep quality. Lavender is one of the smells you should go for, but it doesn’t have to be lavender; it can be any other smell you find relaxing. 

In case you want to save money, go online, and get yourself a DIY aroma pillow spray as a cheaper option.

There’s no quick solution to your sleep problems. All of these ways to drift off to sleep need to be practiced consistently to get the best possible result. So don’t stress yourself out if, after the first few days, it doesn’t work. The most important thing you can to reduce your sleep issues is try and stay calm and relaxed. 


Do you have any other special techniques to help you drift off to sleep? Let us and other readers with the same problem know in the comments below!

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