13 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic

A woman smiles as she is looking at a bunch of garlic that she is holding up as she is standing in a kitchen | Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic | raw garlic benefits | Featured
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A clove of garlic contains a multitude of benefits you should be taking advantage of for your health. Read on to learn about what you’re gaining when you include it in your food.
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Reap the Benefits of Eating Garlic

1. Garlic Contains Allicin

Allicin Definition: A compound that comes out for a brief time when garlic is crushed or cut

Allicin fights inflammation. It’s how raw garlic works against low-grade inflammation that can destroy nerves and lead to circulatory problems.
Aside from this, allicin also boosts antioxidants within your body. It protects your body from stress and from other diseases.
You can reap garlic’s antioxidant properties at their strongest if you use the cloves at their freshest. Don’t wait around until the garlic becomes stale; use a garlic crusher to add bits to your salads, soups, or rice while they’re still fresh from the grocery.

2. It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Nurse Visiting Senior Male Patient At Home | Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic | benefits of eating raw garlic
Using garlic as a natural way to reduce blood pressure

The body accumulates oxidative damage over time, and this leads to an increase in blood pressure or worse, hypertension. Here’s where raw garlic benefits come in: taking around 250 mg of garlic supplements a day for two months may lead to moderate reductions in blood pressure.

3. Garlic Is Nutritionally Dense

A 100g clove of garlic possesses 1-2% of the daily recommended allowances for:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Manganese
  • Fiber
  • Selenium

It also contains trace amounts of:

  • Copper
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B1
  • Iron

It’s easy to add a clove of garlic into your salads or your meals. You can just get a garlic crusher and add it on top of steaks or mashed potatoes.

4. Eating Garlic Is Good for the Heart

We again come back to the benefits of allicin and its ability to protect the heart. Allicin can lower cholesterol levels while balancing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
Thanks to the compound’s ability to regulate these three biomarkers, garlic keeps heart issues at bay. Cholesterol can accumulate and build up blockages leading to your heart valve while high blood sugar can coat the inner linings of your nerves and damage them.

5. One of Garlic’s Health Benefits Is Cognitive Protection

The body produces free radicals from its processes. When free radicals exceed their set limits, they can cause oxidative stress, paving the way for diseases in different parts of the body like Alzheimer’s.
Garlic’s organosulfur compounds boost the number of antioxidants in our bodies which balance out free radicals and inflammation.

Organosulfur Compounds Definition: Aromatic compounds that contain sulfur

6. Garlic Has Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Properties

Healers have long touted the use of garlic for common diseases like the flu and the cold. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammation, and anti-fungal properties may boost the body’s ability to fight diseases.
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7. Garlic May Raise Your Game

Athletic Female in a Gym Exercises with Battle Ropes During Her Fitness Workout | Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic | black garlic benefits
Reducing fatigue with the help of garlic

Ancient civilizations, like the Greeks, enjoyed raw garlic benefits of increased physical capacity. They gave garlic to their workers to allow them to work longer and to lessen fatigue.
Garlic lowers your heart rate, enabling you to do more in terms of exercise.

8. Garlic May Help Balance Blood Sugar

The compounds in garlic namely allicin, S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide, and allyl propyl disulfide help your body increase insulin levels.

Insulin Definition: A hormone the pancreas secretes, signals the body to absorb the glucose in the blood

By doing this, garlic helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels and eventually lessening the likelihood of metabolic conditions like diabetes.

9. Garlic Can Potentially Clean Toxins from the Body

Garlic’s sulfuric substances can shield your organs from toxicity due to the presence of heavy metals in your system. Regular high doses of garlic supplements can help counteract the effects of cadmium, lead, phenylmercury, arsenic, and methylmercury on the body.
A research team experimented on employees from a car battery manufacturing factory by giving them garlic supplements for four weeks. They found the garlic supplements reduced the lead in their bodies by around 19%.

10. Garlic May Kill Parasites in Your Body

Healers and common folk used garlic-infused water as a solution for tapeworm. Again, the use of garlic this way has a scientific basis.
Medical researchers found garlic can kill tapeworms and flukes when they applied it to the parasites in both test tubes and living subjects. Garlic’s antioxidant powers also killed the parasite’s eggs.

11. Garlic May Protect Women from Pregnancy-Related Osteoporosis

Obstetricians prescribe pregnant women with calcium supplements since the mineral leaches off their bodies during this period and may lead to osteoporosis.
A lab study made on pregnant rats showed the promising effects of garlic oil extract on preserving bone density. The doctors saw fewer minerals leaking from their control group than from their placebo one.

12. Health Benefits of Garlic Include Great Skin and Hair

Portrait of young handsome man touching his hair and looking aside | Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic | benefits of eating garlic
Having healthy skin and hair with the help of garlic

Garlic’s oxidative boost may also slow down the loss of skin collagen, which allows our skin to remain youthful by maintaining its elasticity.
When the skin loses its elastic properties, wrinkles and lines can easily form. Collagen’s skin moisturizing effect keeps your skin pliable, making it more resistant to wear and tear.
People can also make a topical solution out of garlic to treat skin conditions like eczema and scarring. In some cultures, men use garlic to thicken their hair.

13. Garlic May Ward Off Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation, thus illness, becomes increasingly probable as more and more free radicals enter our systems.
Garlic and its ability to multiply antioxidants in our bodies balance our systems against the explosion of free radicals, preventing an environment where disease-causing cells can grow.
In a specific scenario, garlic was observed to work against cancerous tumors on a cellular level through direct injection. The mechanism involved compounds in garlic arresting the growth of blood vessels on cancerous cells.
Aside from eating garlic, try these healthy eating tips for a more vibrant you!

As you can see a clove of garlic contains an assortment of health benefits that’ll help prolong your life. You’re not just making your food taste great when you’re adding garlic to your dishes, you’re also improving your vitals.
Have you ever thought of using garlic supplements? Give us your answers in the comments section below.
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