9 Amazing Cinnamon Tea Benefits You Might Not Know About

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This list of cinnamon tea benefits will inspire you to take a sip.
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Cinnamon Tea Benefits: From Weight Loss to Fight Against Diabetes and Heart Disease

1. It Promotes Insulin Sensitivity

Cinnamon tea benefits people with insulin resistance, which is a metabolic problem where the cells become less receptive to insulin.
Insulin is the hormone that the beta cells of the pancreas produce. Its job is to deliver glucose or blood sugar, which the cells use as fuel.
When the cells “reject” insulin, glucose, blood sugar levels rise. It makes you predisposed not only to diabetes but also to other metabolic-related conditions.
A 2010 study revealed that cinnamon may increase insulin sensitivity of the cells and even the transport of glucose.
An experiment published in Diabetes Care, meanwhile, showed the benefits of cinnamon tea for type II diabetes patients:

  • Cinnamon reduced blood sugar levels.
  • It also lowered lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

2. Cinnamon May Strengthen Your Immunity

If you want to battle the flu and colds, then make the most of the benefits of cinnamon tea and honey.
Cinnamon is one of the spices with loads of antioxidants, which help beat free radicals produced by your aging and damaged cells.
A 2005 research showed its antioxidant capacity could be comparable to that of oregano, clove, and garlic.
You can also never go wrong with mixing the spice with honey for extra sweetness. In a 2003 study, this liquid gold increased antioxidants in the body.
Note: Be cautious when choosing honey as some may already be adulterated or not pure. Also, although honey is healthy, it still comes with sugar, so use it wisely.

3. It Provides Anti-Inflammatory Properties

person holding a cup of cinnamon tea | Amazing Cinnamon Tea Benefits You Might Not Know About | cinnamon tea benefits | cinnamon health benefits
Drinking a cup of tea with cinnamon helps improve your immune system.

Another of the many cinnamon tea benefits is its ability to manage or reduce chronic inflammation. To be fair, inflammation can be good.
Without it, you will not know you have already sustained an injury or burned your hand. It is also a sign your immune system is working.
The problem happens when you develop chronic inflammation. This one is low-grade, but it can damage tissues and cells over time when left unmanaged.
A 2019 research in Hindawi revealed that cinnamon extract’s antioxidants provide it with anti-inflammatory properties. It could be because these compounds help modulate or regulate the immune response.
In turn, cinnamon may be helpful for people with degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis. It makes cinnamon tea a great partner for supplements like Body Protective Complex.

4. It May Protect Your Heart

The benefits of drinking cinnamon tea can also extend to the heart for the following reasons:

  • Cinnamon promotes insulin sensitivity and helps prevent metabolic syndrome and obesity. These are the common risk factors associated with heart disease.
  • It can also reduce the chances of chronic inflammation. This problem can lead to atherosclerosis or the buildup of plaque within the walls of the arteries.

To highlight these advantages, you can read a 2010 study by the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA.
In it, the researchers recruited 22 obese people with prediabetes. Some of them took a placebo while others consumed a cinnamon extract.
The extract boosted antioxidant variables by as much as 23% within 12 weeks. This improvement then decreased fasting glucose.

5. Cinnamon Tea Helps Decrease Anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious or sad, nothing can be more soothing than sipping tea. For this reason, one of the cinnamon tea benefits is enhancing your mood.
This is the finding of a mice study in 2017. The spice can create a metabolite called sodium benzoate.
Both of these can increase brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNFs). These are proteins that promote better brain health.
Cinnamon tea benefits for anxiety and depression may also come from the spice’s antioxidants. A 2019 research in Frontiers showed an association between these mood disorders and chronic inflammation.
The study asserts that chronic inflammation can increase or cause fatigue, and fatigue may worsen or increase the risk of depressive symptoms.
Note: Besides sipping cinnamon tea, you can enhance your mood and beat anxiety with supplements like Chill Pill. This one has dihydro honokiol-B, a potent remedy that may reduce stress within 20 minutes.
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6. It Can Fight Pathogens

bacteria colony of E.coli in culture media plate | Amazing Cinnamon Tea Benefits You Might Not Know About | cinnamon tea benefits | benefits of cinnamon
One of the underrated cinnamon benefits is its capability to fight a wide range of infections. According to a 2015 research in Nutrients, it showed high antibacterial activity against:

  • Pseudomonas aerouinosa
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • E. coli
  • Streptococcus faecalis

It may also help fight against candida infections, based on the 2012 study. These usually occur due to microbiome dysbiosis or imbalance.
Inside the gut is a community or flora of microorganisms, both good and bad. One of their jobs is to train the immune system in detecting threats and non-threats.
An imbalance can occur when certain colonies of harmful microorganisms exceed in number. Candida infection may lead to the following symptoms:

  • Recurrent vaginal infections or oral thrush
  • Joint pain
  • Strong craving for sugar or something sweet
  • Skin allergies and conditions
  • Brain fog or poor concentration and focus

7. Cinnamon Can Take Care of Oral Health

Do you know that sipping cinnamon tea can also take care of your oral health? One of the health benefits of cinnamon is keeping the gums in check.
This advantage may stem from the spice’s antibacterial properties. The mouth is host to hundreds of microorganisms, too.
Your diet and medications, especially antibiotics, can disturb this flora. In turn, bad bacteria outnumber the good ones.
When harmful microorganisms become more abundant, it can increase the risks of oral health issues:

  • Halitosis or bad breath
  • Gum disease and inflammation
  • Tooth decay or caries

8. It Encourages Weight Loss

One of the cinnamon tea benefits is weight loss. For one, it may increase brown fat, according to a 2017 research.
The fat in the body can be of different types. For instance, the ones underneath the skin are subcutaneous or white fat.
This fat is your body’s stores. It keeps it in case you need energy later.
Brown fat, meanwhile, has mitochondria that contain iron.

What is the mitochondrion? The cell’s powerhouse that converts oxygen and food to energy the cells can use

In another study, cinnamon induced thermogenesis or heat production. In other words, the body itself burns up stored fat, thereby improving your metabolism.

9. Cinnamon May Be Great for Women

woman drinking cold tea with cinnamon | Amazing Cinnamon Tea Benefits You Might Not Know About | cinnamon tea benefits | benefits of cinnamon tea
Women can try taking cinnamon and see how it helps improve their health.

Both men and women can enjoy cinnamon health benefits, but the spice may be especially helpful to females:

  • It can decrease the risk of vaginal bacterial and fungal infections, such as candidiasis.
  • It may also help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Women are more prone to UTI than men because of their shorter urethra.
  • Cinnamon can improve insulin sensitivity, which makes it ideal for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). In a 2018 study, the spice improved insulin levels and helped restore the ovulation cycle.

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome? It is a hormone disorder characterized by the presence of several egg follicles in one or both ovaries.

These cinnamon tea benefits will no doubt encourage you to keep the spice handy. Before you brew, though, talk to your doctor and ensure you can take it safely.
What cinnamon tea benefits encourage you to drink it? Share your answers in the comments section below!
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