Can Neti Pots Relieve Sinus Infection?

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Neti pot is an easy home remedy you can try to relieve sinus infection and nasal congestion. Read on to know more.


In this Article: 


  1. What are Neti Pots?
  2. Neti Pots as Relief for Sinus Infection
  3. How to Use Neti Pot for Sinus Infection


All you Need to Know about Using Neti Pot as Treatment for Sinusitis


Unpleasant pressure behind the eyes, runny, stuffy nose, and headache—sinus infection can be a huge discomfort during the rainy and allergy season. Often, these symptoms, in addition to headaches and postnasal drip, cause so much inconvenience in our daily lives.


Sinus infection, medically known as rhinosinusitis or sinusitis, occurs when the nasal cavities get infected, swollen, and inflamed. Healthy sinuses are filled with air and a thin layer of mucus. However, irritants and allergens trigger mucus build-up and infections. A virus often causes sinusitis. In some cases, it is caused by bacteria, pollutants, and rarely, by fungi.


Acute sinusitis often goes away on their own. However, having symptoms that occur for 7-10 days often needs medical interventions such as taking antibiotics, decongestants, and nasal irrigation using neti pots.


What are Neti Pots?


a blue neti pot and a bowl of salt - ca | Can Neti Pots Relieve Sinus Infection? | What are Neti Pots?


Neti pot is similar to a small teapot in structure and is made with porcelain, ceramic, or plastic. It helps flush mucus in the nasal area using a saline solution. Using a neti pot may also treat the symptoms of colds and nasal allergies.


One of the effective home remedies to relieve sinus infection is through nasal irrigation or sinus rinse with the use of a neti pot. Nasal irrigation is one of the ancient ways used in India to clear the passages of the nasal canal. This method relies greatly on gravity and nasal anatomy to flush excessive mucus away from the sinus.


Neti Pots as Relief for Sinus Infection


Neti pot works by thinning and flushing out the excessive mucus surrounding the nasal passages with a saline solution.


Saline solution is a mix of water and sodium chloride or salt. This solution can help the coordination of cilia, the microscopic hairs at the back of the nose that help remove the allergens and irritants that cause sinus and lung problems. 


Saline solution is available over-the-counter in most pharmacies, or you can make your own at home. You can make your solution by mixing three teaspoons of iodide-free and preservative-free salt with a teaspoon of baking soda in a small clean container. Mix a teaspoon of this mixture in 8 ounces of sterile or previously boiled and cooled water. 


Some saline solutions can be too strong. If you experience burning or stinging, reduce the amounts of dry ingredients to make a weaker solution. For children, use a half-teaspoon with 4 ounces of water.


Be wary of the water you use for saline solutions to avoid infections from bacteria and amoeba present in tap water. Some news has reported cases of infection from improper use of neti pots, which is linked to the utilization of unsanitary tap water. You can use tap water as long as you boil it and let it cool.                                            


How to Use Neti Pot for Sinus Infection


a man is using white neti pot to wash his nose - ss | Can Neti Pots Relieve Sinus Infection? | How to Use Neti Pot for Sinus Infection


Neti pot is generally safe and easy to use as long as you follow safety guidelines to avoid contamination.


If it’s your first time using a neti pot, you may want to seek your ear, nose, and throat doctor to use it for sinus infections, colds, or flu. For more severe cases and chronic conditions, consult the opinion of your doctor for proper treatment. Otherwise, you can do it on your own by following these simple steps:


  •  Prepare your sterilized neti pot and saline solution.
  •  Lean over the bathroom or kitchen sink and place the spout of the neti pot in the upper nostril.
  • Tilt your head sideways about 45 degrees.
  • Carefully pour the saltwater solution into your upper nostril and let the liquid pass through the lower nostril. Do this while breathing through your open mouth.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side.


You may use neti pot once or twice a day, depending on the severity of your sinus congestion. Try not to overuse this as the salt in the solution may irritate the nasal canals and, in worse cases, may aggravate sinus infections.


Sinus infection can be painful and uncomfortable. It may go away on their own, or you can try medications and home remedies. Sinus cleanses using a neti pot is a simple and effective way that can be a relief for sinus infections. With proper sterilization, neti pots can be a household staple when the allergy and flu season starts.


Have your tried neti pots for sinus relief? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!





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