8 Best Carbs For Men To Lose Weight

man eating an apple | Feature | 8 Best Carbs For Men To Lose Weight
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Contrary to popular belief, carbs can help you lose weight, assuming you’re eating the right ones. Wondering which best carbs to eat for weight loss and a strong, healthy body? This list can help you.


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In This Article:

  1. Chocolate Milk
  2. Apples
  3. Pears
  4. Nuts
  5. Mangos
  6. Tart Cherry Juice
  7. Red and Purple Grapes
  8. Whole Wheat Bread


Shed Kilos with these Best Carbs for Weight Loss

Chocolate Milk

chocolate milk in glasses | 8 Best Carbs For Men To Lose Weight

For some men, their body is their sanctuary; that’s why when hearing chocolate, they tend to try their best to stay away from it. However, you may not know about this, but after long, vigorous workout sessions, you tend to exert yourself, and an energy or recovery beverage is essential.

In a study of elite cyclists, subjects were given either a standard sports drink or chocolate milk after an intense cycling session. Scientists found that the cyclists who had chocolate milk were able to exercise 51% more in a subsequent workout than those who drank standard recovery beverages.

There are about 36 grams of carbs in an 11 oz. serving of chocolate milk.

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As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” One medium-sized apple can get you 25 grams of carbs. It is a perfect food to get brain-boosting carbohydrates and lots of nutritional extras.

Apples are one of the best carbs to give you extra fiber if you eat the skin and pulp, but they also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Researchers also calculated that apples’ antioxidant power is equal to more than 1.500 mg of vitamin C.



pear cut in pieces | 8 Best Carbs For Men To Lose Weight

Next on the list of best carbs for men is pears. They are perfect for you to prevent hunger thanks to the pectin, which attracts water and then turns it into gel-like form, resulting in slowing your digestion and potentially reducing blood sugar.

It is recommended that an average adult male consume 38 grams of fiber a day, and so if you fall short of that amount, then eating a pear will help. A medium pear with the skin on has enough fiber to fill a quarter of your daily needs of dietary fiber.



Nuts are also good for your health and your adequate carb intake. If you don’t want to have raw nuts, you can get yourself a trail-style energy bar, usually a mix of various ingredients, including nuts, seeds, and unsweetened fruits.



mango cut in pieces | 8 Best Carbs For Men To Lose Weight

Although high in sugar, mangoes are also rich in antioxidants quercetin, isoquercitrin, fisetin, methyl gallate, gallic acid, and vitamins. These are the antioxidants that protect your body against diseases such as leukemia and prostate cancer.

A small bowl of mango contains about 2.6 grams of fiber and 25 grams of carbs.


Tart Cherry Juice

Nutritionists are typically against consuming fruit juices, which are a concentrated source of sugars. However, tart cherry juice is one of the best carbs for men as it’s both carb-heavy and anti-inflammatory. Besides, it can even reduce belly fat. An 8 oz. serving has 5 grams of fiber and 28 grams of carbs. Tart cherries also contain an anthocyanin-like compound, which makes the body generate the sleep-inducing melatonin hormone.


Red and Purple Grapes

a bunch of red grapes | 8 Best Carbs For Men To Lose Weight

A study found that compounds in purple and red grapes help slow down LDL cholesterol formation, causing artery clogging. The resveratrol and anthocyanins in grapes can also reduce inflammation. One cup of grapes has 1 gram of fiber and 16 grams of carbs.


Whole Wheat Bread

Last, on our list of best carbs is bread made from whole wheat. The bread is made with the nutrient-rich central germ, fiber-rich outer bran of the wheat, and the middle endosperm.


Besides our list of 8 best carbs for men to lose weight, there are plenty of other foods that will help you maintain a healthier life and lose a couple of pounds. Therefore, you should check carefully to know what best suits you and your body before going on a diet. Contact your doctor or healthcare professionals if necessary.

What do you think is the best carb for you to lose weight? Do you have a diet plan? Let us and others know what you eat to lose weight in the comment section below! 



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