5 Amazing Benefits Of Neroli Essential Oil

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Neroli essential oil is known to have various benefits for health. It is reported that neroli has both therapeutic and health benefits. Read more to learn more about this secret ingredient for a healthier life.
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What is Neroli Essential Oil?

Neroli essential oil is an oil that is produced from the flowers of bitter orange trees. Beautiful white flowers of this tree are handpicked in late April or early May. They are turned into neroli essential oil by steam distillation. Tunisia and Morocco are the largest neroli producers in the world.
Neroli essential oil is known to be one of the most used oils in the production of perfumes. It can be used as a room perfume as well, thanks to its ability to eliminate odors.

Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil is known to have various benefits!

    1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
      Neroli essential oil is reported to be beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety with its ability to increase serotonin. By merely inhaling this essential oil, cortisol levels in your body will decrease.
      By reducing stress and anxiety, neroli essential oil is beneficial to prevent stress-induced depression.


    1. Skin Care
      Neroli essential oil is also used in skincare for its inflammatory effects. It can reduce irritation and prevent acne. It’s known to have antioxidant, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, which is very beneficial to balance the sebum release for oily skin.
      Neroli essential oil can also accelerate the cell regeneration process gives the skin a younger and healthier look by treating scars and spots.It’s also beneficial in treating cuts and wounds if freshly applied to the wound.


    1. Seizures
      Neroli essential oil contains active compounds as listed;

      • citral
      • geraniol
      • farnesol
      • nerolidol
      • limonene
      • linalyl acetate
      • a-terpineol
      • (E, E)-farnesol
      • linalool

      These compounds can be beneficial to reduce convulsions and seizures, according to an animal study


    1. High Blood Pressure

Inhaling neroli essential oil can help lower high blood pressure to its normal level by reducing cortisol. The limonene content in neroli essential oil can affect the nervous system positively and control heartbeat and breathing.

    1. Women’s Reproductive System

Due to its active biological compounds mentioned above, neroli essential oil is beneficial to those who are suffering from menopause symptoms. During menopause, many women complain about low libido, anxiety, and stress. Neroli essential oil helps reduce stress and anxiety, as mentioned before. But it also has an aphrodisiac effect, which would help with low libido and erectile dysfunction.
Neroli essential oil is also known to reduce the symptoms of PMS by lifting mood, reducing pain, and bloating.

Uses of Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil can be used by pouring a small amount of neroli essential oil in the bath. Or, if available, it can be used with humidifiers as well.
It can also be used directly on the skin by massaging it on the skin. For facial care, neroli essential oil can be applied to the problem areas with the help of a cotton ball.
Due to its high contents of linalool, geraniol, citral, and farnesol, neroli essential oil can be irritating, sensitizing, and may cause allergies. We advise our readers to consult a doctor in case of any side effects.
It might be better to use with different oils. It blends well with other citrus oils.
With all the information provided in this article, it is up to personal preferences how our readers might want to use the neroli essential oil.
Share your experience with us in the comments section! How do you use neroli essential oil and what benefits have you seen?

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