10 Benefits Of Ecotherapy: Why We Should Spend More Time In Nature

young woman doing yoga relaxing in waterfall nature | feature | 10 Benefits Of Ecotherapy: Why We Should Spend More Time In Nature
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Ecotherapy is based on the idea that people are connected to the natural environment. It’s also known to have various benefits! Read on to learn more about the benefits of ecotherapy!




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  1. What is Ecotherapy?
  2. Benefits of Ecotherapy
      1. Exercising in Nature
      2. Cleans Lungs
      3. Nature is Calming
      4. Clears Mind
      5. Boosts Energy
      6. Improves Memory
      7. Disconnects from Stress
      8. Creative Development
      9. Prevents Mental Disorders
      10. Appreciate Simple Things in Life


What is Ecotherapy? Ecotherapy benefits


Ecotherapy, also known as nature therapy, is the treatment program that aims to improve mental and physical wellbeing with outdoor activities. The key point of ecotherapy is making interactions with nature regularly.
There are different types of ecotherapy;


  • Vegetable Garden Therapy, also known as “orthotherapy,” is taking care of a garden for its anti-stress benefits. Gardening can increase productivity at work and improve concentration.
  • Biophilia is the discipline where it isn’t possible to live a complete life without nature.
  • Silvotherapy is hugging trees to feel better. Hugging trees might sound a bit funny, but it’s reported to be beneficial for insomnia and nervousness. Trees are known to produce negative ions, and this negative ionization of the air promotes general body relaxation, detoxification, improvement of breathing, and increases the assimilation of Vitamin B and Vitamin C.


Benefits of Ecotherapy


Exercising in Nature


Exercising is beneficial for health because it helps your brain to release endorphins, which are known to be the “happiness hormone.” Exercising outdoors can help your brain to release more endorphins and make you feel happier than exercising in closed areas. (1)


Cleans Lungs


Staying indoors all the time can be bad for health. There is lots of dust in our homes even though we clean regularly. Fresh air in nature can help you breathe better and cleans your lungs, which automatically will improve your mood. It’s also good for cognitive thinking because your brain can get better oxygen.


Nature is Calming


Nature has a calming effect on us. It lowers the blood pressure and pulse, slows our breathing, and calms our mind. While in nature, we tend to focus on the beauty around us, becoming more aware of our surroundings.


Clears Mind


a man relaxing and listening to music outside | Clears mind


When feeling stressed, being in nature can help you feel better. Before making an important decision, when feeling confused or overwhelmed, taking a walk in nature can help you think more clearly and make decisions better.


Boosts Energy


Walking in nature or even admiring a beautiful sunset can help you feel better instantly. Spending time in nature can help you have more energy and a better mood. (2)


Improves Memory

Ecotherapy benefits

It’s known that spending time in nature can reduce the symptoms of dementia. Being in nature can increase memory by up to 20%. Stillness and mindfulness in ecotherapy can allow memories to surface quickly and improves cognitive functioning.


Disconnects from Stress

Ecotherapy benefits

Our lives are full of stress. Trying to keep a balance between our work life, social life and trying to stay healthy, etc. can really be stressful. Connecting with nature can help you disconnect from the stress and help you recharge!


Creative Development


Children who spend their free time out in nature tend to develop a strong bond with nature and its beauty. Nature will trigger curiosity in children and help them become more creative adults in the future.


Prevents Mental Disorders


a woman smiling and relaxing under the tree | Prevent mental disorders


A study conducted in 2006 has shown that contact with nature can prevent mental health disorders. Researchers have reported that ecotherapy can be applied as a treatment as well as early intervention. (3)

Appreciate Simple Things in Life

Ecotherapy benefits

Spending time in nature can help you appreciate simple things in life. Seeing tiny flowers blooming, birds flying, and nature existing without us can make us realize that our worries in this life are made up. Life outside of your circle keeps moving, and nature is stress-free.
Ecotherapy is becoming more and more popular because it is teaching to go back to nature – it’s simple, free, and beneficial for all of us. Try going outdoors this weekend and realize what a beautiful planet we live on! After spending some time in nature, you can see its benefits yourself!



Share your thoughts with us in the comments section! Which activities do you enjoy in nature? How has ecotherapy been beneficial to you?

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