Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox In A Jar' (How It Works)

argireline molecule peptide fragment | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline peptides | Featured
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Argireline gets so many comparisons to Botox that many are making the switch.
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In this article:

  1. What Is Argireline?
  2. Benefits of Argireline
  3. What Are the Different Argireline Side-Effects?
  4. Products with Argireline

Argireline: What Is It and What Does It Do?

What Is Argireline?

argireline molecule peptides | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline peptide
Also known as acetyl hexapeptide-8 or acetyl hexapeptide-3, Argireline is a chemical compound present in many plants. It contains peptides, which are amino acids with chains too short to become a full protein.
Peptides have a small molecular size and Argireline is no exception. It gets its comparisons with Botox from its similar mechanism of limiting the nerves from muscles but requires no painful injections.
Without nerves activating muscles, muscle movement is thereby limited. From there, the formation of wrinkles is reduced.

Benefits of Argireline

1. Reduces Wrinkles

senior woman looking in the mirror | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline cream
Wrinkles come naturally with aging, but premature aging can come about quicker. Factors that can accelerate the formation of wrinkles are excessive exposure to sunlight, poor lifestyle choices, exposure to environmental toxins, and even muscle movement on the face.
Argireline regulates neurotransmitters which let us move facial muscles in certain ways. With Argireline, these neurotransmitters are inhibited, preventing muscles from moving and causing wrinkles.
Many users of Argireline often apply it over the forehead furrows and the creasing around the eyes called crow’s feet. Dermatologists even note that it helps build more capillaries which help nourish the skin.

2. Provides Safer Anti-Wrinkling Alternative

woman wiping her face with towel | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline products over the counter
Botox is probably the most famous anti-wrinkle treatment out there. Used for some medical and mostly cosmetic procedures, Botox works by paralyzing muscles temporarily.
The danger of Botox it that it’s technically poisonous. It comes from the neurotoxin botulinum which the bacteria Clostridium botulinum produces.
Argireline is a safe alternative to Botox. It closely mimics the paralyzing effect Botox has on the skin, but without inflicting damage on the cells.
This is Argireline’s claim to fame. It offers a painless and harmless alternative to risky Botox, especially if consistent treatments are necessary.

3. Helps Boost Collagen Production

smiling woman making hand frames | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline peptide
The peptide content of Argireline, being of smaller stature than proteins, can easily maneuver their way into cracks where proteins can’t, and can easily absorb into the skin via topical application.
Collagen, the protein responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic, slows its production as we age. This results in aging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.
Peptides permeate into the skin and act as little messengers. They signal an emergency so collagen stores can kick into production mode.
This leads to a boost in collagen production at the site of application. And since peptides are not harmful whether they are natural or synthetic, you get very minimal side effects.

4. Has Painless Application

woman applying cream on her face | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | peptide argireline
Botox needs to be injected repeatedly into the skin. Depending on the age, skin condition, and severity of wrinkles, the number of injections per session can reach up to 12.
This can be difficult for patients who are afraid of needles or have a low pain threshold.
Argireline is available in topical treatments which absorb easily. All you need to do is apply an Argireline serum or cream onto your skin, and it works from there.
Since Argireline is primarily a topical solution, it remains exclusively on the skin. On the other hand, Botox can travel past its injection sites to wreak havoc in other places of the body.
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What Are the Different Argireline Side-Effects?

sad woman looking in the mirror touching face | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline serum
Argireline has fewer side effects in comparison to Botox. Botox is toxic; it can travel throughout the body and cause infections. It can even cause fever, rashes, and severe bruising.
Argireline, on the other hand, may cause a reaction to very sensitive skin. Sensitive skin rarely reacts positively to treatments, and anybody new to Argireline may observe redness and dryness at the sites of application.
It is not recommended for people to apply peptide products over sunburns or irritated skin.

Products with Argireline

body protective complex collagen | Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works) | argireline | argireline reviews
Argireline is widely available and is an active ingredient in many skincare products like creams, lotions, and skin serums. Concentrations of Argireline content are usually around 10-20%.
When choosing a skincare product containing Argireline, it is best to avoid cleansers. The function of cleansers is to rid your face of dirt and debris to prepare it for other products.
Peptides don’t work well with cleansers. This is because peptides need full absorption into the skin to be effective.
Cleansers are almost immediately rinsed off with water. This doesn’t give peptides a good enough opportunity to absorb into the skin.
Creams with Argireline fare better than cleansers. Many creams are oil-based, which gives them emollient properties, which helps nutrients seal into the skin.
Creams also lock in moisture, which helps skin healthy. This makes them a great carrier for Argireline, which requires heavy absorption to become effective.
Creams are also ideal for people with dryer skin types. On the other hand, serums are more suitable for people with oily skin types.
Serums are water-based and have small molecules, making them lighter in composition. As a result of their lightness, they absorb faster into the skin.
Its efficiency requires lesser amounts in comparison to creams.
Talk to your primary health care provider or dermatologist and ask if Argireline is a good match for you. While many sing their praises for the benefits of Argireline, your dermatologist may recommend simpler solutions for your anti-aging skincare woes.
Drinking more water, sticking to a healthy lifestyle, and minimizing sun exposure are common recommendations. In addition, a diet full of healthy fruits and vegetables is also recommended.
Check out this video from Sandy Sandberg where Dr. Oz recommends Argireline:

While it may be difficult to meet the daily quota for vitamins, taking supplements may help. Dr. Seeds has a number of vitamins that suit everyone’s specific needs, such as this Collagen Bundle.
It helps increase the synthesis of collagen in your body. This may lead to healthier, younger-looking skin, as well as helping repair weakened connective tissues.
Do you have any experience with using Argireline before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!
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Argireline: Reduce Wrinkles With Famous 'Botox in a Jar' (How It Works)

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